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The Blogger Herself

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Finding my Sunset with The Elephant In the Room... Post contains adult topics. PG-13*

I don't usually like for Cerebral Palsy to be the focus of my writing, but lately, I feel the need to let people into this part of my life, because I'm building some new relationships, and I wonder sometimes if people are curious what a snapshot of a typical week consists of for me.  I was born with Cerebral Palsy often referred to as CP for short.  My mom went to the doctor for a check-up in her seventh month of pregnancy, and doctors said everything was fine.  The crazy thing is her back was hurting at work that night.  She apparently worked 4 days 10 hours.  She found herself in the back seat of her boss's car being taken to a Halifax Daytona Beach Hosptial.  She arrived at the hospital at 930 PM and she always told me she believed I'd born in the back seat of that car the nurses rushed and told her there was no time for any medicine.  The truth mom had the strongest pain tolerance and did not have medicine with me or my younger brother no surprise to either of us. I was born April 29th, weighing in at  3 pounds @ 10:02 PM.  Stayed in the NICU for forty-five days.  Cerebral can be caused by several different things, but in my case, it was believed to be the result of brain damage from Oxygen Depravation.  Many years later I found out a couple from Canada were on Vacation in Daytona and the same thing happened with there baby, but the day I was released from the hospital their baby sadly died.    I wonder what that baby's life might have been like if their outcome had a different ending.  I also wonder how things may have been different if the reverse had occurred.
  There are a few types of CP and no person with CP is affected exactly the same way even if they have the same type.  Some have speech problems I do not., but as much as I talk, people might wish I did sometimes.  I'm kidding.   Some people with CP walk with a limp or cane.  One side is typically stronger than the other.  I am stronger on the right side of my body and have minimal use of my left side.     Cognitive issues can be common, but not in every case.  People often assume that when you say brain damage, it means you don't have cognitive abilities,   They wonder if a person with CP can express themselves or process information most people I know with CP can including me can, but this is not always the case.  CP is anything but a cookie cutter condition.  It is best to ask questions instead of making assumptions.   CP is such a normal part of my existence, questions people have often do not occur, to me. but  I'm not offended by questions.  What is the question that most surprises me?  Once a college student asked me if I could have sex, for a or a disability panel... I  joked and said are you offering yourself?  Quicky I explained I can only speak for me, but the instruments work, I just choose not to use them.  One, because I believe sex is intended for marriage, and I have no expectations of being married.    What is the most common question you are asked?. How do I use the bathroom?  I use adult briefs because my hips and knees are fixed for the most part making it impossible for me to utilize a toilet.     I have caregivers that come a minimum of two times per day, and a max of 3 for showering and personal care.
What do I like about CP that it keeps me humble and patient because I don't have another option and there are times that I would hope it makes more dependant on Christ than I might be without CP because I'm stubborn and do not like depending on others for help.  I like that it makes me more compassionate, and forces me to have a sense of humor about a lot of things.  Can I drive a car?  Nope, I can barely drive my chair to get where I'm going grin
If given the option would I choose CP honestly no, but given the option, I would not choose a lot of things and most of the time I'm glad God does not entrust me with such an option in the hear and now.    So if you could give someone the chance to view an aspect of your life, what would that be?  Love to hear about it!
How do I embrace my sunset with CP?  I look to God, I pray to be content in plenty or want.  I live out my purpose some days poorly other days with great joy!  I know my friends with physical challenges will have great insight to share, which may be much different and contrasting to me my own.   That is a good thing as we have different lives and are different people Feel free to share those.

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Melanie Gregory said...

I too have determined it keeps me humble, dependent on God, and I am privileged to be a source of encouragement to others. When I hurt, I remind myself there are others who suffer more than me and I'm not terminal! It also reminds me my Savior suffered and died so I might have abundant life. That's hiw I choose to live. I love you TJ.