The Blogger Herself

The Blogger Herself

Sunday, October 06, 2019

What is a sunset anyway?

It seems like a simple question does it not?  Most people have seen one.  That beautiful image that pokes its way through the clouds or between the trees.  That splash of bright orange interacting with that sometimes cotton candy pink.  Sometimes it takes your breath away  Stops you in your tracks.  It is the sunset that often causes me to pause.  It is often the sunset that puts my place, reminds me how small I am, and how big God is.  I'll even tell you a secret too, I've been known to tear up at a sunset or two.  Shh, don't tell anyone ok?   You see for many years now, I believe all of us have defining moments that change us,  that make us better, and more fully present and engaged in this beautiful, messy journey called life.  It may be a moment in the midst of a hard season where you find something beautifully breathtaking either before during or after a storm.  We may have a Sunset moment every day or maybe less.  It might be a smile, a prayer, a song, a card a word of hope, a butterfly landing on a bush.  A friend's laughter, a donation, etc.  It may be months or years before you see your next one.  If you and I aren't looking and paying attention, there are so many reasons we miss our sunset moments.  Those moments teach us about what is important The moments which drive us to savor and celebrate our blessings and to find goodness and joy in the face of pain and sorrow.  Sunset moments are often uniquely specific and deeply personal.        In the coming weeks, it is my hope and intent to post about different barriers that keep us from recognizing and embracing the Sunsets in our lives.  Before we explore that though, it is crucial to understand what embracing your Sunset means, and also what embracing your sunset does not mean.
    Embracing your sunset for me personally always means discovering my God-given purpose, and in so doing, my desire is both to love and serve well A sunset moment can be both positive and negative event, gesture,  lesson, spark, but it will always ultimately drive us to love, savor, celebrate, learn, grow, and it motivates us and shapes to fulfill our purpose, and brings positive transformation.   HAVE YOU HAD A SUNSET MOMENt  LATELY?  
Action Step-  Ask GOD to reveal to you a blessing or sunset moment He has given you lately.  Here is one of mine this summr.

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Beth said...

Thank you, TJ! Keep writing and asking us questions that cause us to pause and think.....