The Blogger Herself

The Blogger Herself

Wednesday, January 01, 2020

Sunset Moments of 2019 and Hope for 2020

Confession:  I'm not a big dreamer goal setter, and usually New Years day I'm a little sad when I see everyone making goals, dreaming and planning, mostly because I buy into it's just another day, and there is some truth in the reality that a change of year isn't a magic pill or a blank check that automatically changes one's life usually.  Last year at this my grandmother was facing health challenges that brought fear and great uncertainty not only to her but to us her family also.  If you told me this time last year that I could have endured what I have, I would have thought you surely were wrong.  If you told me almost 5 years ago, I would have survived watching our mother slip away, as cancer took her life. I would have said I'll never survive the depression and anxiety that crippled me and almost stole my life, I would have told you I could not do it, I would  not ever find joy again, But God knew better than me.     Yes, I got the shingles for likely the second time in 4 years, but God has been faithful.  I have been stretched spiritually and questioned and.trusted.  I have truly found joy in 2019, I have developed a greater gratitude for family,and I have deepened my friendships. I have spoken up for myself, and I have made mistakes.  In  2019, I have been bolder.  I have risked and been vulnerable, and I have extended a little more grace to myself and I hope others too.  I’ve been honest, even when maybe people didn’t want me to be. It has been sweet, fun, and hard, but I’m glad I lived all of it.  Here are some of my best moments in 2019


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