The Blogger Herself

The Blogger Herself

Friday, December 19, 2008

I love this one... Can you believe he can already roll over???
I think he has learned my "pouty Lip look I'm famous for!

Alex likes to play with his feet

Christmas with my good friend Michelle and my Buddy her4 month old son Alex(Munchkin) He kept giggling at me until we start taking pictures. His Mommy did his Nursery in gingerbread, so that is what I gave him for Christmas! Like my Butterfly christmas tree? Hope you enjoy the pics Jenn! Michelle and Alex send their love to you. Michelle is out of cell minutes, but she miss you and loves you!


lookuptoday said...

what a cutie! I love to hear babys giggle! (:0) I also enjoy having friends visit, especially at Christmas. It seems like Gods love is strongest in all of us at this special time of year. Dee

Jenn said...

These pictures made me soo soo happy. I love that you got to hang out with my little man..even though I am a bit jealous.. oh well. I love you soo much. I was so glad to get to hear your voice the other day and talk to you