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The Blogger Herself

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

You Gotta Deal with it!

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Whether we Christians like to admit it or not, there is a level of truth to the above phrase. Please hear me- I will be the first to admit that THERE IS EVIL in the world, and the sources of that evil are the three S''s Sin, Satan and Self. I might even be inclined to change the above phrase to read, "The path to evil often begins with apathy. Don't believe me? Let that sink in for a minute. I bet more people become atheists through apathy than most any other reason. It is eaier, in some ways to believe in nothing, than it is to believe in an ALL POWERFUL GOD, because one calls you to invest nothing, while the other calls you to invest everything! Sure maybe it happens for other reasons, but it does not happen without Apathy. You suffer, you become hurt or mad, before you know it that hurt, becomes apathy, and finally that apathy becomes deeply rooted bitterness unless it dealt with. It was not just evil that led to the Holocaust it was the belief that nothing could be done so why try or the "that's their problem, not mine" motto. What does Apathy look like? It depends on the person. For you apathy maybe cutting in line at the grocery, or knowing you should apologize, but not caring enough to say it.
I'll confess where it has shown up inside me lately. One Idolatry, and second prayerlessness. What I just put out there ,for all the world to see isn't just embarrassing, it is dangerous, because of the gifts God has entrusted to me. People would likely not be surprised by the idols of my own soul, at least I don't think they would, but one thing a prayer warrior is never expected to battle is the temptation of prayerlessness. I'm not saying that all these years I've faked a calling or commitment to prayer, it isn't in me to do that, I fear the Lord far too much to be willfully phony in that way, in seasons past, I've been called to spend both short and long periods of time earnestly pleading with God on behalf of others. I say this not with a boastful motive, but rather to provide evidence of my apathy in recent "Seasons" Last summer my mom's cancer returned, when I sure it was a permanent healing from God. Six months later, it returned as you know, what you may not know, is that my faith isn't apparently as strong as I thought it was, and since then I have been baffled with questions in my heart and mind, as to why it returned again. She is currently in remission, and yes I do give God all credit and honor for that. It has brought all sorts of questions about intercessory prayer I've never faced before like can we mere humans influence God through prayer? The answer to that question is one that makes my brain and my heart, hurt and still I have seen God perform wonders, and I know those wonders have come about through this amazing thing I've loved for so long called prayer. Jesus made prayer possible, so I must trust even when I don't understand it So to bring this back around, the Bible uses another word for apathy. It is Lukewarm. So I must be willing to not settle for apathy, but rather Christ Centered Excellency! These two issues have also began to effect my eagerness in writing prayer letters for CHOICES. I didn't even realize it until the Lord and I untangled the matter this morning. So take it from me, if there is any matter of apathy in your walk with God, don't let it sit there, face it, even if it takes days, or weeks, or months, to get back on the path again. Make the effort, whatever it takes because apathy, is no place for one of God's Children! Rev.3:16 "So, because you are lukewarm-neither hot nor cold-I am about to spit you out of my mouth."
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Victoria said...

I just found your blog randomly and I think God is using you to help others.

Don't let your "disability" stop you. I'm blessed with being healthy and so is my family. We don't have any disabilities, but it's easy to look down on people who do. Never let anyone stop you.

I absolutely love this post. It's what made me follow your blog.


Dee said...

Good writing as always T.J. I think being luke warm might mean that we do not bother to pray or serve the Lord because we just figure some one else is doing it so why should I do it. I do not see you as ever being luke warm at all...just me.