The Blogger Herself

The Blogger Herself

Sunday, May 09, 2010

That's MY MOM!

No, you are not imagining things, you have seen this pic before! It was from my Women of Joy post! It was the only recent picture of mom I could find to post. Happy Mother's day to all you mom's out there! Let me tell you a little about one of my favorite people. My mom! My mom and I have and are sharing an amazing journey called life. She is a woman of amazing strength. She is an amazing artist, A hard worker, a passionate teacher, A woman who is tough as nails, dependable, the life of any party. She lives her life by the motto "ACTIONS speaks LOUDER THAN WORDS. SHE IS GIVING. She will offer her time and talents to whoever needs them. She can find joy in almost anything. She rarely complains, but isn't fake, and does not sugar coat things. Her humor is totally contagious. She could dwell on how her life has difficult, but instead she lives life in the moment without excuses. She has a real desire to bless others, but is humble, never comfortable being the center of attention, unless it is for the sake of honoring another person. She is not afraid of looking stupid, as long it brings a smile. She loves crafts and secret projects. She loves to give people surprise gifts. She would do almost anything to show her children she loves them and has done so over and over! Some people might have allowed the challenges of single parenting cause them become to become bitter or self centered, but she never has. Through the last few years her faith in the Lord has grown and blossomed. There has never been a mother with more sacrificial love in her heart than mine. She is silly and fun! She has been a girl scout leader to physically challenged girls, hosted sleepovers, camp outs, pulled all nighters for school projects, attended numerous little league world series, games, given money when she didn't have much to spare. Sat in the rain to attend a concert that she had no desire to attend. She has traveled to a political rally for her daughter, sake when she had plenty of reasons not to. The list could go on forever, from being a prom driver to a 24 hour nurse. All of these things are only the beginning of why I am choosing to celebrate my mom today. "I thank my God as I think of her." Paraphrase of Phil. 1:3. If you mom is alive, and has blessed you in any way way at all, no matter how imperfect she might be celebrate her. If you have lost your mom, or do not have one who is involved in your life or who has treated you badly. I am so sorry, and I offer you heartfelt hugs and a prayer of comfort!.


Jenny said...

Your mother sounds truly amazing! You are a wonderful daughter to write this post for her!

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

I enjoyed this great tribute to your mom, TJ! You are both truly blessed to have each other.

Dee said...

I would love to have had a mom like yours. You are both truly blessed.

Washer Mom Val said...

That was beautiful.