The Blogger Herself

The Blogger Herself

Friday, July 09, 2010

Half Full Friday July 9th

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1. I am joyful that this week is coming to a close.
2. I'm joyful because my family is healthy.
3. I am joyful fot the new book self my aunt provided my office.
4 I am joyful that God answers prayers.
5 I'm joyful for that God works out EVERYTHING for my Good.  Romans 8:28
6 I'm joyful for amazing meals this week.

Now oh my blogging friends, so much I could tell you there has been such drama in my world lately, and what a treat to take a breather.  My volunteer work has always been a real joy to me, and I trust it will contiue to  be, but man between caregivers personal drama and the intensity both with other volunteers, and crisis with clients and new polices, babysitting the cousins, and other nagging, yet not serious health issues, I have found my head spinning this week, but as things are slowing down and get resolved I am thankful for the weekend and the fact that I can be still and know God is God!  Thank you loyal readers and commentors I miss you all when I'm not in blogland.

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Dee said...

Some weeks just get out of whack. :-) My whole month has been like that...out of whack. Sure makes me appreciate a calm quiet and some what boring week. Blessings. Dee