The Blogger Herself

The Blogger Herself

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Some weeks are better than others

Hi Friends:

   I don't like to post when I'm not feeling well or when it has been a tough week, which is why I have not been quick to post.  It has not all been bad, and isn't anything earth shattering bad either, but my body is tired,  I have a chronic problem that has a long namr which I can't spell.  It is a type of baterical acne that is very painful in places I will not mention.  I've had it for years it is hormone related..  I take antibotics about every theree weeks, and have had minor surgery to remove infected tissue. 
On top of that I worked very late @ Choices, one day last week, and one of the other volunteers feelings wer hurt  by something connected to my aid, though I'm still not sure what the source of the hurt was, and while I usually have little trouble valadating someone's feelings, in this case, the fleshly side of me wanted to say life is too short to get your nose out of joint over junk.  I use to be one of the most senstive people alive, so to a degree I understand, but part of me just wanted to say please grow up.  I realized quicky this was prideful of me, and am asking God to help with my unrealistic expectations of other people.Thank God for medicine!  The happy highlights of my week were that I got to speak at Choices Shower last night, and I realize how I love speaking about Sanctity of Human Life.  I also had the most tasty grilled cheese burger  I've had in ages. I also found the coolest verse that I'll write about more later.Jer. 17:5-8Find it here!  I'm enjoying your comments please keep them coming!

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