The Blogger Herself

The Blogger Herself

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

What Are You Thinking?

Hello Readers: 
       I want to pose a two fold question to you, and I would like your feedback...  I'm looking for your personal response, but feel free to use personal events or scripture as well.
1. What do you think is the main source of human suffering in the world?
2. Does God fit into your thoughts on suffering?  If so how and in what way? In other words, Does God have a purpose in such suffering?  I have  expressed a few my thoughts on this subject some already, but I want to have an interactive blog disscussion with you, the readers.  Don't for a moment think that by the end of this discussion we will have the answer to the age old question, of why do people suffer?.  I promise we won't come close to discecting it, in fact we may raise more questions than answers!  However I believe that if we discuss, and ask questions through the Lens of Faith, we are strong enough to stand, even when we don't get all questions answered.  Our minds could not grasp the answers anyway. n So readers the "floor" is yours!  Tell me what you think?  I'll post more of my ideas another time.   Your input will help in my future post about suffering.  No judgement just an opoion poll.  I'm excited to see what You are thinking!


Molly said...

For me God HAS to fit into my thoughts on suffering. I try not to get caught up in the does He "cause" vs. does He "allow" suffering debate. I guess I'd rather just admit that since suffering does exist and I believe God is all powerful, all good & perfectly just then there must be purpose to suffering. And at the risk of going all "sunday school" on ya, that purpose is my good & His glory (not neccessarily in that order). I think our limited perspective makes this SOOOOOO difficult to believe but soooooo important to cling to.

Dee said...

There you go T.J.... making me think again. :) I find emotional suffering is the worst for me. I think loneliness would be awful. The Lord does not cause suffering. Suffering of all kinds is the result of a fallen and sinful world. The Lord say's it rains on the just and the is just there... and will be till he returns and we are in heaven with him, then there will be no more pain or tears.