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The Blogger Herself

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

The gift of tears!

I've had this post in my head for 2 days, but have not written it down.  In my my family, I'm known as the emotional one.  That title has brought me feelings of shame over the years. Don't get me wrong, I get lots of positive reinforcement from my family who loves me so much, however this label, at one time probably well earned is one I refuse to carry anymore   Mostly because there was a time when my emotions were screaming to get out, and for years I wanted to tell people what was in my heart and on my mind, but truly believed that few  people were listening.    Once I was given permission to shed tears of anger, sadness and disappointment, and even joy, the emotions that came seeping or rather ragging to the surface , suddenly I was not as emotional as I once was.   Now partly this is because of God's gift of modern medicine, and a change in the intensity of my circumstances, but I'm thankful that Jesus gave me permission to shed tears, even when everything in me says, "you are weak"  "You are too sensitive"  "you are too soft."        John 11:35 "Jesus Wept"  I could tell you a few reasons why I think this included in the Bible, but I'm not a bible scholar, and I thought about getting some good commentary, but I''ll focus on one single reasons though I believe that another is because He was angry and saddened by the disbelief of the people who surrounded him.  However, I'm not  going to focus on that at the moment.  Jesus never did anything unholy or anything wrong.  He set an example for  us about the difference between right and wrong.  So as silly as it sounds, I guess it could be said this way, If tears are okay with Jesus, then why aren't tears okay with us?  Sometimes I am tempted to equate venerability with sinfulness, and while there have been times where one has followed the other, I think it is finally sinking in that emotions or tears are not the precursor to sin, but rather the use or response to such emotions can lead to sin.  For example one can be angered about the evil of abortion or homosexuality, but to kill an abortionist or to beat a person to death who practices homosexuality as a lifestyle, is both sinful and evil.
     I remember about a year after my one major depressive episode, I began to make it a regular habit to lay whatever ever emotions I experienced that day to God's Lordship, and on the days I've done that it has made all the difference
I have heard before that tears are from God from my pastor, though I did not hear the  sermon first hand  and  a wise counselor, but still struggle to believe this, but after hearing it from a SS teacher in a group setting, and then seeing in the Bible through both Jesus and Joesph and  in the Psalms how can I not.  To conclude anything else would be choose my own sinful belief over God's truth.  Does this mean my tears are to rule me, no.  The other night I was watching one of my favorite movies Radio, and found myself deeply moved by the plot once again, and for the first time that I can remember, I was thankful upon this earth to be able to form tears of joy and sadness.  For the first time I thanked God for the gift of tears!          So I'm curious what do you think about tears.  Have you viewed tears as a gift or a curse?  Let me hear your thoughts.What have you believed about tears?  More Christmas posts soon.


Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

I love this post, TJ! I do believe that tears are good for us. They are cleansing and refreshing. They rid us of some of our pent up frustrations.

Sometimes a good cry is just what Jesus ordered!

Washer Mom Val said...

Being a Mom who has recently shed tears for the sorrow a child has given her and shed tears for the passing of a cousin dearly loved and taken away by cancer. Tears are a release. They are created by God as a part of who we are, not to be denied. They are apart of our make up as God intended. What would life be like if we didn't have tears? I agree with Beth, sometimes a good cry is just what Jesus ordered. Excellent. And he's ordered me a few lately....

Dee said...

I have a hard time shedding tears...and there are many times I wish I could, for I find them healing. God gave them for a reason.Happiness and Sorrow.