The Blogger Herself

The Blogger Herself

Thursday, December 16, 2010

A lesson in Spiritual Mathematics!

Sometimes when something hurtful happens in my life, I have a  tendency to check out..  No I'm still here, but this week I've been disengaged from life since Monday afternoon  Oh I've gotten dressed and gone through the motions, but with no joy or focus.  Without disclosing much , someone lied to me, and the lie does not just effect me, but others too.  It wasn't just any person, but a person I've come to care for.  I suppose most people would speak their mind and confront the hurt, and move ahead, but  because of both situations and lack of courage, I rarely express anger towards other people, mostly because I fear losing the relationship.  At the core of me I fear relational conflicts, because it has  been my experience that such conflicts rarely get resolved in positive way.  I have wanted to post, but have had nothing wise or encouraging share with you.
          All that keeps coming to the front of my mind is: 1 John 4:4 Because the One who is in you is greater than the one who is the world."  Let's face it we don't like to admit it, but we don't have a clue about the kind of hardships and warfare the early church faced.  If it were biblical to compare suffering, most of our suffering would rate low on the universal suffering scale.  The good news is Jesus does not compare sufferings, but he does want us to keep them in proper perspective.  When I was in Elementary school I told a lie about a friend, and I never made things right with that person, and to this day even though I've been made right with God,  I never had the chance to make things right with this person and help restore their reputation.  Every time I remember it, this instant remorse and sorrow  rise within me.     When this situation happened this week, the thought crossed my mind that may be this is pay back for the wrong I have done to this person from my past or others through the years.  However the bible does not teach karma or that God repays us for the sins of our past, even though there are earthly consequences.   I have to remind myself that the blood of Jesus  that covers me is greater than sin and failures.  Greater is He that is in us than our evil spiritual enemy.  Greater is The Holy Spirit in us than the problems and hurts weigh upon us.  Greater is He Christ who dwells in us, than the sickness that looms within our bodies.  Before you object, I'm not suggesting a name it claim positive thinking philosophy.  In short, here the point, I've lost sleep this week, because I lost sight of the big picture that Jesus has already won the eternal war on my behalf!  I've been afraid to talk to this person the next time we see each other, which will be soon,  , because of the unknown what will happen, if I do or if I don't.  When in fact, I have no control over what this person will do or say, and I've made far too many choices upon other peoples responses or reactions.  So I will ask God for courage and leave the results in his hands!  As a believer, whatever we face, God is already there!  See Deut. 31:8 and Jos. 1:5  What area do you need to know God is greater than the difficulties of this world and the father of lies?  He is Greater indeed!
Desiring to be Taken to the Higher Things,


Wendy said...

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Dee said...

Welll...I could probably make a long list but I would say I need to know that God is greater than the difficulties of this world and the father of lies when it comes to my children and grandchildrens safety and salvation. Once again your posts have made me think. :) I am glad you are feeling stonger spiritualy....I feel avoiding, meeting, and talking with the person you refer to in your post is more painful then any negative reaction you fear. You can also add to your prayer that the Lord open that persons eye's and soften their heart to what you have to say.Like you say...God is already there.