The Blogger Herself

The Blogger Herself

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Blogging topics Feedback Please!

Hello Blogging Friends:

       My biggest blogging obstacle right now is narrowing down a single topic for each post, because there are multiple topics I'd like to cover.  I know the important thing is to focus on one topic at a time.  So for this reason, I may be posting a bit more frequently than usual, at least that is the plan, but it could change.  I usually try to give everyone a chance to express their thoughts, before moving ahead to another, topic. Here are a list of topics I hope to cover unless the Lord says no, or it just doesn't fit"

  • What is Sanctity of Human Life, and How it changed my life 
  • Believing when it is hard.  Romans 4  
  • In Reverse Romans 4
  • Respecting the President,/ I will not promote a political agenda that is NOT the purpose of this blog, there are plenty of political bashing or debate blogs out there, but you won't find one here.
  • How Do I tell them?  Sharing Christ- 
  • Christian themed movies, can they cut it?  
  • Praying for others matters
  • Parenting concerns from a non-parent
         These are topics on this blogger's mind, most of which I hope I can cover at some point.  Do you ever find yourself thinking about topics you hope to cover on your blog?  If so, do you have a list?  If so what are some of yours?  Please don't let these potential blog topics scare you away, these are tentative topics. Let me know your thoughts..  Which ones interest you and which ones don't, or make you cringe?


Velvet Over Steel said...

First of all, I love your list of topics so far! I too make a list of topics... which is way longer than I can probably every write about, at least with a full time job. :-) But it's good to have a list. I also keep a small voice recorder in my purse. I talk 'ideas' into it while I'm driving - hands free of course.

I want to write more about my son and overcoming his 'obsticles' with a 'real' & good education services. I also want to write about someday.. the tramas in my childhood. However, I may have to wait until my 'family' accepts my writing more.

You help so many with your post! Remember only about 2% of people who read blogs/post actually comment. I've read that in many reports, classes over the last year.

Have a Great weekend.. 'angel'!!
Love & Hugs,

Wendy said...

I am really interested to see where you go with some of your posts. I particularly am interested in the Non-Parent parenting concerns. I believe people can be great at parenting without carrying a child. I was a stepmother long before I was a biological mother. I had a perspective on things and was easily dismissed. In the early years, I tended to keep quiet and shy away from the parenting topics because I was afraid that everyone would say I didn't know what I was talking about! Little did I know the thoughts and feelings I had then are showing true in my parenting now.

As you tackle these sometimes touchy issues, I will be praying that you can get your point across like you're aiming for! I'm always afraid myself to say something the wrong way. Just spend time listening to the way God leads you on this and you will be just fine!

Dee said...

You have some great topics listed and I look forward to reading them. I kind of just let things happen on my blog...and it shows lol.

Molly said...

man, I wish I was this organized. You are the second blogger (that I love) who mentioned planning post topics way in advance. Perhaps it's something I should consider...

Can't wait to read you bring it, girl!