The Blogger Herself

The Blogger Herself

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Macy's 2011 Winter Photo session!

Sorry this is way to close for comfort, I had to call for back up!

Thank you all so much for your honest feedback on Blog topics.  I appreciate it so much!  Before I begin posting on more serious topics, which I hope will possibly be tomorrow.  I wanted to post some very special pictures of someone very important to me!     Macy's 2011 Winter photo session!
Do you have a special pet that you treat more like a human?  Today in my house, I decided it is Pet Appreciation Day!  Thankful for God's perfect, gifts, or in Macy's case almost perfect gifts!


Dee said...

Macy is looking spiffy and not camera shy.:) I have My two fat cats..Lucy and Ethyl...who have not the slightest clue that they are cats. They bring Frank and I great joy that I am sure your Macy brings to you.♥

Molly said...

So sweet.
Both of our animals are absolutely spoiled. I'd go so far as saying there are times that I treat them BETTER than some humans...