The Blogger Herself

The Blogger Herself

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

gibberish! Published us dictation of

hello all

Thank you for your positive response to the pictures I posted last week – whether this week I really can't remember. This post will be mostly gibberish not because I don't care about my mistakes but I'm trying out new voice activated software so this should be fun I thought it might give you a laugh or two.
It is much easier to speak what I want to blog actually type it, but rotation of what I'm saying may or may not resemble what I actually said. I know I've been lacking in the number of blog posts pretty much since February when mom was diagnosed again with cancer, a sort of went engine inward during that time and didn't feel much motivation to write, even after things greatly. Imprudence. Mom is going for scan today. I have no reason to expect anything will be wrong, except that every time she about his candidacy something is stirring up but through it all God has been faithful. Mom is doing remarkably well and we are having a very fast-paced number. I'm hoping and don't expect that anything will interfere with that fingers for want of anything for a week or so. It is" supposed to be routine. Anyway hope I'll get back to writing codes that will make sense and maybe his programs praying it won't look like I'm on drugs operatic see you later hope this doesn't decline my readership you will see in normal post soon as I stop using the program


Dylan said...

I will be praying for your mom! (And you too!)

The Vandegriffs said...

haha I thought it was pretty entertaining :) Hope everything goes well with your mom!

Dee said...

keep posting and we will keep comeing.:) I took a peek at your last post look really good in pink...that is my best color to wear. I still say your mom looks like she could be your sister. I will keep her in my payers. I am haveing all kinds of problems with my blogging and part of me wants to give up but I enjoy it to much. I do not know how many followers will keep stopping by with no pictures, bad spelling (I do not have your writing skills
)and depressing posts. :)

Dee said...