The Blogger Herself

The Blogger Herself

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hard to return?

I keep asking myself what is it that is making it so hard for me to get back to being a "regular" blogger again, and the truth is there isn't just one reason there are several.  However, It isn't for lack of care for my blog readers, or lack of desire to be plugged in the blog-sphere.   
My goal in blogging has always been to share life lessons, Honor God, and connect with others, but in the last few months, my life has so revolved living day to day, that it has left little time or desire to reflect or share.  My mom got a Staph infection a couple weeks ago, and spent some days in the hospital, but she is home now and recovering well.  Praise the Lord!  He has shown his faithfulness without end!  He has provided without limit it!  He has proved trustworthy in all things! 
   Tomorrow I have the joy to begin facilitating a bible study called "In My Father's house.  It is a very small group of great ladies.  I'm excited to see what the Lord teaches me!      The major theme the Lord continues to teach me is that be can be trusted, and that trust breeds obedience!   At his core, God is good, and his ways are always right!  Some days I remember this, and others I need to be reminded yet again.  When did you last stop and remember how God has shown himself faithful in your life?  Has the awareness of his faithfulness led you into deeper trust? 


Dylan said...

Praying for you, and your mother too!

Velvet Over Steel said...

Very glad that your mother is better and home again!!

I totally understand what you said here. I had several months where I so busy with little, and even less focus, to blog Or at least write the way I wanted and intended in the beginning.

After several major life changes, I am finally moved and settling back into a happy, calm place where I can focus.

Praying for you and I know you will do a Great job and enjoy facilitating the bible study so very much!!! Have Fun learning and sharing your beautiful heart!!

Big Hug, Angel ;-)
~Coreen XOXO

Molly said...

I heard this sermon a few weeks ago in which the teacher asked the same question. He mentioned that throughout scripture we are reminded of the good DEEDS that God has done. I've been trying to incorporate that kind of thinking in my own life ever since. It's so cool to have concrete things to remember his goodness through. (does that make sense?)

I'm trying to get back on the old blogger horse too. Hope your study went well!
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