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The Blogger Herself

Sunday, October 28, 2012

I'm SO Excited, and I Just Wont Hide it! Part 1



Have you ever had a season in life where you were just bursting to make a big announcement, like you have something you are just itching to tell something to someone and then as your excitement builds, and you finally do tell the big news, you are disappointed by the lack of excitement expressed by the person receiving the news?  I get excited pretty easily.  I'm not the type of person who finds it easy it to conceal my joy or my sadness.    So often when I share my excitement, people are like okay that's great, but can we move on now?  If you go back a couple posts before my last one, you will see that I have been on a journey in my own faith walk to discover and embrace the compassionate nature of God.  I have to be honest, a few months ago, I would not have claimed that compassion of God was a concept that entered my mind too often, at least, not in the context of God desiring to show me compassion.  However. for some time now, every verse I read brings me back to God's own kindness towards me AND YOU.  I suspect strongly that many people might say this concept excites me too much, but this is one time I'll say I beg to differ.  When you have wrested with doubts, and believed that God is distant and uninterested in you and the details of your life, then the promise of God's compassionate and merciful hand is like fireworks on the fourth of July or water in the desert.  When we see that God forgives us and willingly offered to forgive us by paying our sin debt because He loves and values us, it changes the way we relate to God.  Maybe I should write it this way, it has changed how I relate to God.    Are you trusting what others have shown you or told you about God, or are you inviting God to show you who He is?  Do you run or hide from the compassion and forgiveness of God or do you receive it with gladness and a thankful heart?  Friends I hope with all my heart, that you are able to dwell in the wonder of God's love, forgiveness and acceptance of you.  There is so much in this to be excited about.  As wonderful as it will be to spend eternity with God as believers, we don't have to wait to experience so many of the amazing benefits of living eternal life right now.  There is more than the future promise of heaven, there is the unshakable reality of God's comfort, compassion and forgiveness NOW.  It does not mean we won't have pain, now or conflict now or questions now, but we can endure these things, if we believe that God cares about us.  that we are safe, and forgiven!  So tell me what has rocked your world lately?  What has the world accused you of being too excited about?  Or maybe you need to get excited about how blessed we,- you and I actually are!
Blessed is the one
    whose transgressions are forgiven,
    whose sins are covered.
Blessed is the one
    whose sin the Lord does not count against them
    and in whose spirit is no deceit. Ps. 32:1-2  Text found here

As if this were not enough for me to be excited about I was nominated for a local award called the Susan Ritzhaupt Award given to people with physical disabilities who do volunteer work.  Such an honor so humbled.  I never had any desire or plans to be a disability poster girl, but I'm so blessed God is good!  For those of you who pray for my mom regarding her cancer trial, she has had only some very slight growth, and does very well with all she has been through,  We are both on the mend now.  Her iron is pretty low, so that will be watched closely.  I loved our vacation to the beach It was like heaven to me!  Pictures should be posted in entry soon.    Thanks for your comments, I value these....     


Kristin said...

My God showed me recently in a very specific and overwhelmingly unmistakeable way that what Satan meant for evil in my past , God meant for my good in my present and my future! He redeemed me from the most disgusting pit and set my feet on solid ground!! Wheewwie!!! Now that gets me excited!!

Jennifer Dougan said...

Hi Angelonwheels,

Congratulations on getting this award, on your time at the beach, and in your newfound excitement at God's compassion!

Re your comment, isn't it fun of God to speak to us in several ways? Glad I could be used by him too.

Jennifer Dougan

Dee said...

I totally understand your excitement,,,I have been taking the time each morning to read over and over how and why Jesus gave his life for us...I can feel a big difference in my faith walk and yes , like you a spiritual excitement. I can think of know one else who deserves to be nominated for such a special award.:) Also...I sometimes feel odd that my family and most of my friends do not read my blog on occasion...LOL