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The Blogger Herself

Saturday, November 03, 2012

It Is Our Problem!

Have you ever heard or said the phrase "It's not My Problem?"
In a few contexts this statement could be true...  Let me suggest though that Jesus rarely, if ever had this outlook. and when He did it was usually in regard to revealing to people their own self centered priorities.  For example, in worrying what others thought about him.    When Jesus knew of the hunger of the 5000+, which He fed, He didn't send them away, as the disciples suggested.  What our Savior's students were saying, even if they were unaware of it, was that other peoples hunger was really not their problem.  Before I point a finger at them, I wonder how many times have I expected someone else to take care of another person's need knowing that God had prompted me to meet that need, or at least provide his love in various situations?  Can you relate?  Jesus didn't see a need and say, they must help themselves, before I will help them.  He knew not only of their physical needs, but the spiritual ones too.  What if Jesus said, their sin isn't my problem it is theirs?What if He said their hurts aren't mine to heal, take it to somebody else?  Do you get the point?  As a child of God, I don't have the right to say that loving and serving isn't my problem. It is true that I can only meet the needs God entrusts to me, but it not true that, because I'm not directly affected by a burden or problem, that it is not my responsibility to help where he calls me to.  I don't know about you, but I'm glad the Lord does not say it is not His problem when I'm helpless.  I'm glad God didn't say find own way, you are not my problem.  We might not use those words, but the idea is the same.  We might say it this way, "I will do it someday"  We might say "I don't know how or the demand is too much.    If anyone had a right to say, it's my turn, it is Jesus,  Instead He said, I will make it my problem for their sake!
 The next time we might be tempted to say "it's Not my Problem"  let's look to Christ, and ask ourselves , does God want to help someone else, by throwing away the It's Not my problem outlook?  The best way to met a need, is to bring both the person and the need to Jesus, and He will do what we cannot!  See Matthew 14:15-21 The account of Jesus feeding the crowd...


Dee said...

I have said that to myself many times....then the Lord would nudge me and say....really?

Dee said...
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Jennifer Dougan said...

Hi Angelonwheels,

Always a good reminder. Thanks.

Thanks for your comment on my site. I'm glad it encouraged you.

Jennifer Dougan

Just Be Real said...

Thank you for the reminder. Hugs to you dear one.