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The Blogger Herself

Sunday, March 31, 2013

What if Easter were tomorrow


If you celebrated Easter today, I hope it was a blessed one... If you don't celebrate  it then I'm sorry to say you might be a bit bored with my post.  Of all the holidays, I celebrate, I can say Easter means more to me than all the others!  I hope you watch the video above.  Christians everywhere worshiped their living and Risen Savior today!  You know what would be even better?  If you and I woke up with the same awe and wonder tomorrow about Christ coming to earth, living a perfect life, dying in our place and becoming alive again.  I have a confession to make, most days I don't live with this amazing sense of purpose and victory my Savior has afforded me.....  Oh I long to live in such a way that declares hope to others.  How I want to give as He gives and love as He loves!

    On Thursday a dear friend of mine, her husband and 2 children were in a terrible wreck, when a deer came through their windshield and landed in the backseat.  Praise God they are alive, but their 6 month old baby has bleeding on the brain, and my friend's husband has many surgical procedures ahead, and a long road to full recovery.  Please remember them in prayer with me.  Also My friend's dad was diagnosed with Leukemia recently.  Through it all, the Hand/Humbert family clinging ever so tightly to the hope that comes from a living Savior! Only A Savior, who is worthy-Jesus Christ has made the impossible, possible friends!  What if Easter were tomorrow and every day after that?  You know what, as Christians, I think that  is as it should be!  What do you enjoy celebrating and why do you celebrate it?


Beth said...

A prayer said for the family who had the accident with the deer. May God heal the precious baby and be with them all.

NITA said...

Adding a prayer to Beth's prayer above and coming together to lift this family to Our Lord.

Dee said...

I am praying a believing for a full recovery for your dear is lucky they are still alive. I pray a complete healing for each of them with no complications. This year Easter has been strong in my heart...I am very grateful for my Salvation and pray for my family and friends who are not. I do feel the Lord will return soon.!

Just Be Real said...

Blessings and healing to you and your friend.