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The Blogger Herself

Monday, April 22, 2013

When God Says "No" Do We Say Thanks or Why Not?


     Here I am playing blog catch up again.  I wonder how I will recap everything since my last post.  Thank you for those of you who have prayed for the Hand Humbert family.  Baby Hope is recovering well.  Todd still needs prayer and the rest of the family.  Mike Hand needs lots of prayer as takes harsh chemo.  If you want to follow the journey go to my friend Jenn's Blog she would be encouraged by your comments...  Last Saturday I had an early 30th birthday party, and I had a great time!  If you are reading this and you were there thank you....
      My life has been super busy lately, and admittedly I am at my best when I have time to be still.  At times I feel that I'm torn because I want to have a Mary spirit, but at times I wish I could be Martha, because Martha is the one people seem to value more  Martha has a check list, and before the day is over every one cheers  our world and even Christians see the fruit of her work.  They see what she spent hours using her energy on.  Do you know what I envy most about Mary?  Her world didn't fall apart because Martha was offended by her actions.  Being the approval addict in progress that I am, it is easy to want tangible affirmation.  The question is will I look to Jesus for approval already granted, or approval not certain from others    She let Jesus deal with Martha's disapproval.She didn't wilt at the first hint of rejection, but her greatest delight was to please Jesus himself.  Oh how I want this to be true of me, as it was of the Apostle Paul and others  Lk. 37-40 Let me switch gears for a minute to make the point  Num.  22 contains such precious truth in it.  Will you allow me to quickly hit some of the highlights?        Bible text here Numbers 22  Balak sends for Balaam to curse God's people in battle.  Each time Balaam seeks God, in accordance with the covenant.  God sent word each time that he would not curse his chosen people, in fact He would bless them despite years of rebellion.  As a side note, isn't that just like God to relent from giving us what we deserve and give us something far greater?      Balaam wasn't a perfect servant any more that we are, He  was at one point totally unaware of what God was doing to the degree  that God made a donkey talk to get his attention.  In the end, Balaam continued to obey God no matter what it could cost him.  In that time period, one might lose their life if they refused a person in power.  To those who know me know I've struggled for years with waiting to please people, and at times it can be a hindrance life and in faith, but the more I embrace God's no strings attached acceptance, the more it seems to point me toward a sincere desire to obey God.  I don't know about you, but sometimes in my sinful nature, I wrestle with wanting to force things to happen, instead of seeing closed doors as God's blessing and protection.  Last month, I prayed about a possible job situation, and when it because clear it would not work, I was disappointed and dejected.  You see, I forgot that I had asked God to close the door if it wasn't his will.  That's exactly what He did.  I asked Him to forgive me for not thanking Him for answering my prayer, and instead focusing on wishing his answer was yes.  It had gotten to the point that I wanted a "yes" for all the wrong reasons.  I wanted the "yes" answer, because then I'd look like Martha.  I could see myself, and others would see my work as productive, but as a sister in Christ reminded me, it not about being productive, its about being meaningful, and honoring Christ, not myself.  The world we live in has an entirely different value system than the one Christ called his followers to.  Yes, work is a biblical principle, but whether it for money or not, that should never be the entire motive for why we work, or where we get our identity from.  Yes, a job is a means to fulfill financial irresponsibility, but I have to believe God wants more than that for his children,
Have you ever thanked God for the "no's" or "Not Yet's" in your life?  Care to share?.          


Molly Page said...

LOVE. THIS. "it not about being productive, its about being meaningful"
I'm going to keep chanting this to myself. Tell your friend "thank you" from me!

Glad to see you back in bloggy land.

Dee said...

I was a Martha for along time and it is not as rewarding as it seems...a Mary has more of the peace of God and joy in her life. I have learned to be me..Dee