The Blogger Herself

The Blogger Herself

Sunday, July 28, 2013

A Dog a Miracle, and a Promise of Hope

Faith comes easier to some people more  than others.  I am one of those who struggles with choosing faith over doubt constantly.  Since my last post, I've added a new member to my family.  If you are friends with me on Facebook this is old news to you.  Franklin is my new rescue dog!
                                                         He has quickly bonded with mom, but his bonding to me has been a much slower process.  I already love him a lot, though adopting him at times has left me wondering if we did the right thing and hoping since he has been with us I think a month this weekend that he will soon become more adjusted.  He he has been a test of faith well worth the effort.  I don't think he fully understand yet, that I can't get in the floor with him or sit on the couch.

In other big news remember awhile back when I wrote that two of my  close friends whose dad was diagnosed with Leukemia?  That post well I have some amazing news!  Mike Hand has been declared Cancer Free!  He will continue his last regiment of treatment!   Thank you for your prayers!  God still does miracles!  Ps. 136.4  "   Give thanks to him who alone does mighty miracles.
His faithful love endures forever."  If you have prayed for Hand family and even if you haven't, you can join in the celebration, and praise God with me!  
News on my mom:
She began a new clinical trial last week for her ongoing battle with cancer.  This one is already requiring a lot more travel.  The chemo at times makes her super tired, but today she has felt well.  Please remember her and so many others fighting various forms of cancer.  Prayer has an impact upon lives.    We each have things we must overcome in life, for my dog Franklin it is the fear of being hurt or abandoned.  People have always said I've been drawn to people who are hurting, I guess the same is true with Franklin.  The bible says that as believers in Christ, we are more than victorious through the love of Christ!       37 No, despite all these things, overwhelming victory is ours through Christ, who loved us.  Romans. 8:37.  This verse has been the hope I have been clinging to recently.  I don't know about you, but sometimes I feel as though my limitations and life circumstances are conquering me more than I am conquering these.  The truth is that trusting in God's unshakable love and goodness makes the impossible possible!  It makes the darkest valley turn to light.  So there have been three key elements to this post...  Thank God for his mighty works.  Pray with expectation, and press on with Franklin and me as I know you have battles to  conquer just like us.  Let us be victorious in our daily battles by trusting God's love to drive and empower us!  If you are waiting on God to act in situations that look hopeless to you, remember his promise with me, and know that God is always faithful in delivering on his promises.When faith is hard, God is ready to enable us to trust Him!  Thank you for stopping by and your care regarding my previous post.  Love to know if you have seen or are waiting  upon a miracle.     I am so glad to be part of what God is doing!


Michelle said...

What a victorious post. Not just with franklin but with so many people who are privledged to know you you have loved us to LIFE:)Thanks for being such a loving example. I love you friend. Praying healing miracles for your mom too:)

Dee said...

Franklin will soon realize he is loved and secure. I am so happy to hear about your friend Mike hand being cancer free...that is a miracle and I am praying we will soon see your mom's miracle. My Frank is a still be up and around after being close to a heart transplant three times. God is faithful, compassionate and good.\0/

Jennifer Dougan said...

Hi TJ,

A new dog? Fun! It looks like you are enjoying him. :)

And your friend Mike's cancer gone --how thrilling! I'm sorry though for your mom's hard rounds of chemotherapy and treatment. I've had friends walk that and it is hard to watch them in pain and weariness.

Re your comment on my post "Not Lost In Translation," no, we're not moving. We were just overseas for a few weeks for a senior high youth group missions trip. We were in northern France, and loving getting to know people there.

Thank you for your warm words on my writing. You encourage me! :) We can both keep plugging away, huh? I have been devouring three books on writing this month, trying to learn as much as I can, and getting inspired anew for the hard work on being consistent in it.

With you in it,
Jennifer Dougan